st elder

St. Elder: A Sweet, Floral Addition to Virtually Any Cocktail

  Similar to it’s French counterpart, St. Germain,¬†St. Elder is a liqueur made from natural elderflower extract. St. Elder, produced in Somerville, MA is made using extract from the blossoms of American Elder (Sambucus Canadensis), creating a sweeter, silkier liqueur, with subtle floral notes. This liqueur is refreshing and extremely versatile; it mixes well with nearly any spirit, is great in sangria, or perfect for simply sprucing up a glass of bubbly. Stop by the store and grab a miniature (50ml)¬†bottle or two and try some of the cocktail recipes below! There are great recipes for every season so if you like what you taste, come on back and buy… Read more »

St. Elder Liqueur

Long revered for its healing properties, elegant aromas, unique flavor and beautiful blooms, Elderflower has been cultivated for use in medicines, tonics, drinks and food for over 4,000 years. Thanks to a little tradition and a little innovation, St. Elder Elderflower Liqueur showcases this beautiful flower’s full potential. Sip on its own, add it to traditional cocktails for a new twist, or create something entirely different – versatile and delicious, St. Elder pairs with just about anything you can put in a glass.