Sipp Mack Riesling Tradition 2014

I first discovered wine with picnics on a family trip to Northern Italy. Sitting on stoney beaches along the Western armpit of the Italian peninsula, we drank light, effervescent Prosecco with sliced tomato, cheese, and bread. I thought that light, snack-style meals required so-called “simple” wines like Prosecco and Cava. Recently, however, on an outdoors adventure to North Carolina, my mother and I sat back one evening to enjoy a picnic (inside a Motel room, away from the spring cold) of sharp cheddar, brie, pear, and prosciutto. We curiously chose the Sipp Mack Riesling Tradition 2014 from the Alsace region in France to accompany our meal, not knowing what to… Read more »

Wines of Washington State

Arguably the most beautiful of all US wine regions, Washington State translates its terroir elegantly to the bottle. Having shown tremendous growth in the last 40 years (from 10 wineries in 1970 to 660 in 2013!), Washington is the number one American producer of Riesling.  Other commendable offerings include their well-suited Pinot Gris, Chardonnays, Cabs, Syrahs, and Merlot. We’ll be pouring a selection from 2:00 – 5:00 PM, free as always!

Boordy Vineyards

One of the first wineries to put Maryland on the radar for fantastic local wine, Boordy has since created a reputation for both fun, fruity wines and seirous contenders (their 2010 Reserve Cab Franc won the Atlantic Seabord Wine Competition’s Best in Show in 2013). Usher in spring with a sip through some of their staples – Rielsing, Tango Peach, Chambourcin Merlot and Jazzberry.

Organic Wines

Stop in for a sampling of some of the best organic wines on the market. Organic wines must meet rigorous guidelines to receive certification, which means they’re farmed sustainable, don’t contain any pesticides, herbicides or added sulfites, and much more. If organic, sustainable, responsibly grown products are important to you, or even if you’re just curious about organic wines, be sure to stop by! We’ll be pouring Notre Dame de Cousignac Luberon Blanc and Vacqueyras, Prinz zu Salm “P2” Rhein-Pfalz Riesling, Our Daily Red red blend, and Albet i Noya Tempranillo Clàssic.

Wines of Germany

One of the oldest and most renowned wine regions in the world, Germany is responsible not only for some of the finest dessert wines but many varieties of dry wines as well, both red and white. Sample through a spectacularly diverse lineup, featuring Jahres Pinot Noir, as well as Dornfelder red and Kabinett, Spätlese and Auslese Rieslings from Heinz Eifel.

Wines of California

Join us for a sampling of some all-star California wines, from sweet to dry, fruity to earthy, and everything in between! Bread & Butter Riesling, Aviary Chardonnay, Aviary Cabernet Sauvignon and Angel Falls Syrah make this great lineup. From a California wine lover to West coast wine novice, these wines are sure to please.