Abbazia Santa Anastasia – Nero d’Avola 2014

I have a tendency to overlook red wine for white — a dangerous habit in a world where red wines are perhaps more popular and equally, if not more, delicious. Wines with anthocyanins, the compound from grape skin that makes red wines red, continue to demand my attention. Nero d’Avola is no exception. The first time I uncorked the Abbazia Santa Anastasia Nero d’Avola — the most widely planted grape variety on the Italian island of Sicily — I wanted to bow to the bottle. The 2014 Abbazia Santa Anastasia Nero d’Avola is a wine I will return to often. Among several other Sicilian red wines, Nero d’Avola is often imported to the United… Read more »

Fratelli Branca Tasting

Many liqueurs started out as tonics, medicines or even “potions” to promote health and wellness. Over time, they took on lives of their own, being used in recipes, cocktails, or on their own. Join us to sample through a few of Fratelli Branca’s cordials, including the herbal oak-aged Fernet-Branca, the minty and refreshing Brancamenta, and the smooth and delicious Caffè Borghetti.