Old Line Distillery

Mark McLaughlin and Arch Watkins, former Naval Flight Officers with a lifelong love of whiskey met Bob Stilnovich, a founder of Golden Distillery, while on a trip to Seattle. Bob, a fellow veteran, was ready to retire, so a deal was struck to pass on his recipes—and more importantly, his extensive whiskey-making knowledge. Come try the duo’s flagship spirits and more with us on Thursday evening!  

Bar Hill Craft Spirits

Caledonia craft distillery is located in Caledonia County, Vermont and inspired by the views from atop the Barr Hill Nature Preserve. Caledonia Spirits was founded on a vision to support working landscapes and local agriculture by making Barr Hill craft spirits from regional raw materials.  Their mindful approach to distilling is influenced by Vermont’s working landscape and the four seasons that so strongly define their place. Their fermentation process captures the natural variation of wild yeast. With custom built stills that reflect their do-it-yourself ethos, their distillers skillfully select the heart of each batch. Raw honey is the distinguishing ingredient in each of the spirits, imparting a soft and subtle essence of wildflower… Read more »

Marauda Rum

Each rum in Steelpan’s blend is distilled and aged according to tradition that bars the use of additives and colorings.  This rum is is a blend of rums from Jamaica, Trinidad, and Guyana, crafted in Amsterdam by renowned rum blenders E&A Scheer.  All of the rums from Marauda are aged in 55 gallon bourbon barrels, each made of American white oak and each used only once.  They blend at cask strength and bottle at exactly 80 proof. Steelpan was inspired by the people of Trinidad, who turned discarded steel barrels into drums, creating music that is synonymous with the Caribbean today, just as their ancestors had turned a byproduct of… Read more »


Mezcal has been increasingly popular in the US but is still unknown to most people.  Like tequila,  Mezcal is distilled from the agave plant and can only be made in certain regions of Mexico. Don’t miss out especially if you have never had this spirit!

New Liberty Distillery

About New Liberty: At one time, more whiskey was produced in Pennsylvania than in Kentucky, and rye was the most popular whiskey in the United States. Rye whiskey is spicier, leaner, and more assertive than the rounder, sweeter bourbon or the lighter Canadian whisky. Rye’s taste inspired the creation of some of the most admired cocktails in mixology, such as the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned. Ten years ago, only a small handful of rye whiskeys existed, but thanks to a growing interest in unique and historical whiskeys, bartenders and curious drinkers are increasingly seeking out the lost flavor of rye. Through their Heritage Collection, New Liberty Distillery are reinterpreting… Read more »

True Syrup & Garnishes

TRUE Syrups & Garnishes was founded out of a humble kitchen in Washington, DC in 2014 by a passionate cook and cocktail lover. Inspired by the cocktail revival in the US, they wanted to make natural mixers that hearken back to the days before synthetic chemicals, when everyone knew their bartender by name. Even though they’ve outgrown their humble origins and now operate out of Mess Hall, a food incubator space in Northeast D.C., they are still determined to make high-quality, small-batch mixers that bring out the nuanced flavors in specialty cocktails. They believe you deserve to have a drink the way it is meant to be, with authentic cocktail… Read more »

Beach Time Distilling

This family run distillery on the Eastern Shore began after longtime brewer and Dogfish Head employee, Greg Christmas, decided to (instead of brewing) try his hand at craft distilling. His love of distilling was born out of a 5 year stint living in the hills of East Tennessee. Now producing specialty craft spirits in Lewes, DE, Greg has created a line-up of smooth spirits, ranging from gin to vodka, and of course rum! In August of 2015, Beach Time Distilling opened their tasting room doors. Now expanding their reach to the Baltimore market be sure to stop by and give these beach-worthy spirits a try!

KO Distilling

Founded in 2013 by longtime college friends and United States Merchant Marine Academy Alumni Bill Karlson and John O’Mara, KO Distilling is a small craft distillery located in historic Manassas, VA. Producing both quality aged (brown) and unaged (clear) spirits, the folks at KO Distilling take pride in their craft and in the local partnerships they have built while bringing their spirits to life! We’ll be sampling their Navy Strength Gin and their Bare Knuckle American Wheat Whiskey, so be sure to join us for a taste.