An Island Gem: Artemis Karamolegos Santorini Assyrtiko

This bone-dry, white wine from the Greek island of Santorini is made from the Assyrtiko grape, first cultivated among the island’s volcanic soils. The wine is golden in color and has a nose full of raisins and creamy lemon. Medium bodied, it is exceptionally rich for it’s kind, brimming with notes of orange and raisin, guided by tangy lemon zest and brackish water. The acid in this wine makes it a good candidate for aging if you’re looking for something to add to your cellar. Otherwise, consume this wine young and use it to soften deep fried dishes and seafood, or pair it with Greek cuisine, or even the meatiest of entreés.

Taste the unique environment in which the grapes grow as you sip: Santorini’s Assyrtiko grapes grow on vines that are over 70 years old, protected by the harsh quality of the volcanic soil. Those are some wise grapes! In fact, the island’s extreme winds and harsh soil has led grape-growers to train their vines to grow in unique basket shapes for protection (as seen above).