Domaine De L’Aurière Muscadet

Summer time means plenty of things, but one I’m most excited about is Muscadet. I’m not a strong believer in season-appropriate wine drinking (you’ll find me sipping on rosé well into December, for example) but there’s just something about a cool glass of this white wine on a hot summer day among friends and good food.

Dry, light bodied, crisp, and vegetal, Muscadet is aged on its lees (the yeast used to ferment the juice into wine) for a full winter before bottling so the aromas can range from super green melon rind to a slightly yeasty, Champagne-like bouquet. The palate is slightly “prickly” on the tongue, and the region’s maritime climate lends a touch of salinity to the finish. All around, it’s a wine perfectly designed for fresh seafood (oysters especially!), and if you’re a big fan of cheese plates like I am, it’s one of the best summery whites to put out with a platter of some different spreads.

If you’re looking to dabble in whites beyond your typical Chardonnays and Pinot Grigios, pick up a bottle today. You won’t be sorry.

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