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Eating the Woods Part 2: Mam’zelle

Don’t let your uncle tell you how he misses old fashioned beers like Bud Light. A pilsener is newfangled nonsense. These sour, dark, smokey, high alcohol, spicy, herbally bitter, witchy, healthful brews were the original beers. They were called gruits.

Benromach Limited Edition Single Malt Speyside Scotch

Since 1898, Benromach Distillery has been slowly handcrafting their single malt scotch whisky to produce a pre-1960’s Speyside character that offers balance and subtle smoke. With their limited edition “wood finish” single malt series, Benromach offers their classic Speyside with a twist — extra aging in hand-selected wine casks. Now available in the store, the Benromach Hermitage and Château Cissac were both bottled in 2014 and distilled in 2005 and 2006, respectively. Each was matured for a significant amount of time (around 6-7 years) in first fill bourbon casks and were finished in wine casks; for Benromach Hermitage edition, the scotch spent 27 months in French Hermitage casks from the northern Rhône region… Read more »

St. Elder: A Sweet, Floral Addition to Virtually Any Cocktail

  Similar to it’s French counterpart, St. Germain, St. Elder is a liqueur made from natural elderflower extract. St. Elder, produced in Somerville, MA is made using extract from the blossoms of American Elder (Sambucus Canadensis), creating a sweeter, silkier liqueur, with subtle floral notes. This liqueur is refreshing and extremely versatile; it mixes well with nearly any spirit, is great in sangria, or perfect for simply sprucing up a glass of bubbly. Stop by the store and grab a miniature (50ml) bottle or two and try some of the cocktail recipes below! There are great recipes for every season so if you like what you taste, come on back and buy… Read more »

Wigle Spiced Landlocked

Wigle is the oldest post-Prohibition distillery in Pittsburgh. Allgeheny County, where Pittsburgh is located, was once making a half barrel of whiskey for every man, woman and child in the entire country. Honoring a distiller hanged for carrying on his passion during Prohibition, Wigle sticks to its roots in traditional methods, local ingredients and, whenever possible, organic as well. All their spirits and bitters are made in-house and each batch is lovingly crafted in single copper pot stills. Part of this dedication to craft distilling is utilizing local ingredients to make the best spirits possible – whatever that ends up being. That leads us to Spiced Landlocked, Wigle’s rendition of… Read more »

Rehorst Gin from Great Lakes Distilling

Did you know that Wisconsin is actually a world renowned agricultural area for ginseng? Apparently, it’s second in production only to South Korea, and even then, most of Wisconsin’s ginseng is exported to Asia for use in tea, food, and medicine. I was completely unaware of those fun facts until I had the pleasure of tasting Rehorst Gin. Bear with me. For centuries, people have classified gin into, more or less, two types: London Dry (piney, very dry, juniper and spruce notes) and Dutch Genever (light and malty, rye driven, hints of spice). Of course, leave it to human innovation to find new and exciting ways to make spirits. In the… Read more »