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The Syrup Koan Part 3: Life & Limb

We get the essence of the taste of the tree without the tannins of the wood itself, and the bigness of the beer without the oiliness of a huge grain bill. We’re back to a syrup koan: the essence of the birch is kept, but the tricky business of the body is excluded.

The Syrup Koan Part 2: Brunch Punch

The radical difference of flavor comes from the peculiar combination of honeys and the yeast used, both of which collaborate to produce the strange “quoted” sensation of the fruitiness.

Yeast Is A Rainbow (Really!) : The Complexity of Multiple Fermentations

Yeast is the most avoided element of brewing in America. We tend to obsess over either the hops of our various pale ales, the malts of our stouts, porters, and even our hazy IPAs. But even sours that have become so popular often simplify the phenolic profile by using a “team player” yeast, like the Chico strain, in conjunction with domesticated strains of lactobacillus and pediococcus. The idea is to get a more mechanized dump of lactic acid, which is reproducible, but not as complex in flavor and smell as a lover of lambics might want them to be. A brewery like Ommegang will always be an outlier and considered… Read more »

Pumpkin Beer + Holiday Cheer!

‘Tis the season for giving– and since we still have some single bottle pumpkin beers in stock, along with one or two different 6-packs of pumpkin perfection, we’ll be giving you 20% off of these tasty offerings through the holidays! Pumpkin beer is obviously a treat in the autumn months, but it also pairs well with many hearty winter dishes and holiday desserts. Not only does it pair well with winter meals, it’s also great IN them! If you’re sick of drinking pumpkin beer, try adding it to your next loaf of banana, or the obvious, pumpkin bread. Pumpkin stouts can also liven up a pot of beef stew or,… Read more »

Brasserie Dupont Moinette Brune

I took this bottle home at the recommendation of my boss, Aaron. He’s into much hoppier beers than I am, so I was only a little hesitant of the recommendation (he hasn’t steered me wrong so far). Typically, Saison Dupont is just a touch too bitter for me to have more than a small glass of, but I was pleasantly surprised with Moinette. Moinette is a bottle conditioned Belgian strong dark ale (there’s a mouthful for you) and, pleasantly, offers up a good amount more malt than its Saison sister. It’s brewed with four distinct styles of malt, lending the reddish-brown hue and intensely fruity aromas. Dated, candied nuts, ripe plum… Read more »

Anchorage Brewing Co. “Galaxy”

Anchorage Brewing Co. “Galaxy” White IPA brewed with Galaxy Hops, Coriander, Kumquats, and Peppercorns; Fermented and Aged in French Oak Foudres Bottle Conditioned with Brettanomyces 7% ABV 50 IBUs When somebody asks me what my favorite IPAs are, I say “what’s fresh?” Something I learned 2 or so years into drinking “the good stuff” is what makes a good IPA great, such as life, is timing. The time to drink is now. Adversely, when asked what my favorite style is, hands down I go with age-worthy funk. Anything that’s aged in wine barrels, uses wine grapes in the brew, has an addition of “wild” bacteria/yeast (brettanomyces/saccharomyces/lactobacillus) or has an addition of homebrew’s earliest souring… Read more »

Ölvisholt Brugghús “Lava” Smoked Imperial Stout

Look, I’m not gonna lie. Things have been busy lately and finding time to crank out some product reviews has been a bit difficult. So instead of waiting for some time to land in my lap, here’s a post I did in the spring of 2013 on an amazing beer we just starting carrying here at Canton Crossing. Enjoy! If you look at a calendar you’ll notice that the first day of spring arrived a few days ago. If you step outside you’d swear it was still the dead of winter. These stubbornly frigid evenings beg for a beer to warm the soul, and I believe I’ve found one that gets the job… Read more »