Domaine la Bastide Syrah

I’ll be the first to admit I can have a pretty expensive palate. With so much good wine to drink, I’ll make concessions for the price point if I really love it. That said, this is absolutely one of my favorite wines from a region that can really climb in cost, and it’s amazingly inexpensive for the quality. It over-delivers in the best way and it’s one of my best kept secrets for impressing on a budget. As a Syrah from southern France, it’s already going to be dense, lush and fruity, but this particular producer leaves this wine unfiltered so it offers yet another layer of silky texture and… Read more »

Viña Sastre Tempranillo

An old customer of mine used to have a simple rule for buying wine. Never buy a bottle with a fancy label. His philosophy was that if a winery was going to spend a lot of money on the label then they must be trying to compensate for the less-than-perfect wine in the bottle. Although this concept can clearly be debated, I must admit that I have found quite a few gems with plain-jane looking labels in my day (and the opposite has unfortunately happened equally as often!) One wine that does in fact confirm my old customers’  belief system is the Viña Sastre Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero, Spain…. Read more »

Smoked Stone Porter

They say it’s gonna snow again. Not much, but snow nonetheless. It’s almost April and snow still lingers on the horizon. As much as I like the cold weather I have to say, I’m ready for spring. I’m ready to walk outside without a coat. I’m ready to walk outside without the wind cutting my face. And I’m certainly ready to walk outside without having to shovel any more snow! So tonight I make a stand and defy the impending forecast of gloom. Outdoors with my faithful grill and my brand new chalice, I defy said forecast with smoked meat and smoked beer. I brought home a bottle of Stone… Read more »