Anchorage Brewing Co. “Galaxy”

Anchorage Brewing Co. “Galaxy” White IPA brewed with Galaxy Hops, Coriander, Kumquats, and Peppercorns; Fermented and Aged in French Oak Foudres Bottle Conditioned with Brettanomyces 7% ABV 50 IBUs When somebody asks me what my favorite IPAs are, I say “what’s fresh?” Something I learned 2 or so years into drinking “the good stuff” is what makes a good IPA great, such as life, is timing. The time to drink is now. Adversely, when asked what my favorite style is, hands down I go with age-worthy funk. Anything that’s aged in wine barrels, uses wine grapes in the brew, has an addition of “wild” bacteria/yeast (brettanomyces/saccharomyces/lactobacillus) or has an addition of homebrew’s earliest souring… Read more »

Inti Bonarda

Inti Bonarda, so named for the sun god that blessed the crops and lives of the ancient Inca people, is a shining example of high quality yet inexpensive and totally accessible New World red. Often, mysterious grapes and descriptors like “licorice,” “plum,” and “cigar box” can be off putting if not totally intimidating. Don’t be scared! At one time, Chardonnay was just as confusing to the everyday wine sipper as Bonarda might seem right now, but I urge you to give this wine a shot. It is so good. Bonarda, which started its life as Douce Noir in France and is called Charbono in California, is the darker, earthier, sun-warmed cousin of… Read more »

Ölvisholt Brugghús “Lava” Smoked Imperial Stout

Look, I’m not gonna lie. Things have been busy lately and finding time to crank out some product reviews has been a bit difficult. So instead of waiting for some time to land in my lap, here’s a post I did in the spring of 2013 on an amazing beer we just starting carrying here at Canton Crossing. Enjoy! If you look at a calendar you’ll notice that the first day of spring arrived a few days ago. If you step outside you’d swear it was still the dead of winter. These stubbornly frigid evenings beg for a beer to warm the soul, and I believe I’ve found one that gets the job… Read more »

Domaine De L’Aurière Muscadet

Summer time means plenty of things, but one I’m most excited about is Muscadet. I’m not a strong believer in season-appropriate wine drinking (you’ll find me sipping on rosé well into December, for example) but there’s just something about a cool glass of this white wine on a hot summer day among friends and good food. Dry, light bodied, crisp, and vegetal, Muscadet is aged on its lees (the yeast used to ferment the juice into wine) for a full winter before bottling so the aromas can range from super green melon rind to a slightly yeasty, Champagne-like bouquet. The palate is slightly “prickly” on the tongue, and the region’s… Read more »

Castellroig Brut Cava

Do you like to try new things? This sparkling wine out of Catalonia, Spain is made of a blend of grapes that you have probably never heard of: Macabeo, Xarel-lo, and Parellada. The wine is creamy and yeasty with lots of bread-based aromas on the nose. The mouthfeel has just right amount of acidity with citrus fruits on the palate. A lingering finish leaves you wanting that next sip. This is probably one of my favorite sparkling wines under $20…like, ever!

Gruet Rosé

Prior to getting hooked on this wine, New Mexico wasn’t the first region that came to mind when I thought of premier sparkling wine growing areas. Since 1987, Gruet has been doing a good job of changing people’s minds and putting NM on the map for stellar, affordable, high-quality sparkling. Although their entire portfolio is great, the rosé in particular stands out among the rest. Gilbert Gruet and his wife Danielle followed their dream to produce Champagne and, after successfully establishing a wine-producing co-op in France, happened upon a great opportunity while traveling through the Southeastern United States. The Gruet family met a group of European winemakers successfully planting vines in… Read more »

Green Flash Road Warrior Imperial Rye IPA

I helped a little road warrior today. She was trying to ride her bike through the alleys behind our house but kept falling off every minute or so. I noticed that her handlebars were loose and kept flopping back and forth, obviously contributing to her periodic crashing. I asked her about the bike. She said it was her cousins and that they tried to fix it but couldn’t. Being that I’m a bit of a bicycle fanatic I was more than excited to offer a helping hand. I ran in the house, grabbed my trusty adjustable wrench, ran back out of the house (stubbed my toe in the process, but it was… Read more »

Jolly Pumpkin + Anchorage Brewing “Calabaza Boreal”

Oak aged & bottle conditioned ale brewed with grapefruit peel, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice & peppercorns, 7% ABV. As I was leaving work last night it kept staring at me. We had just got in the new collaboration from Jolly Pumpkin + Anchorage Brewing Company Calabaza Boreal and I knew I couldn’t go another night without seeing what the hype was about. Before the short walk home I grabbed some “wingettes” to pair with my rather tasty garlic/herb and white wine rub and walked home. Having forgot my headphones I decided to read the label a bit as I normally like to look for words of wisdom in and outside… Read more »

Poperings Hommel Ale

After a productive day of back-beaking yard work there is only one thing I really want to do: Throw some food on the grill, crack open a cold beer, kick back, relax, and admire the fruits of my labor. This past Sunday I did just that. The beer consumed after my landscaping tour de force was Poperings Hommel Ale, produced by Brouwerij Van Eecke in Belgium. Twas the perfect victory beer after conquering the overgrown foliage. After all that physical exertion I didn’t want anything too heavy, but at the same time, I didn’t want to drink something akin to bubbly yellow water either. The Poperings was just what the doctor ordered. Not too heavy, not too light…. Read more »

Rehorst Gin from Great Lakes Distilling

Did you know that Wisconsin is actually a world renowned agricultural area for ginseng? Apparently, it’s second in production only to South Korea, and even then, most of Wisconsin’s ginseng is exported to Asia for use in tea, food, and medicine. I was completely unaware of those fun facts until I had the pleasure of tasting Rehorst Gin. Bear with me. For centuries, people have classified gin into, more or less, two types: London Dry (piney, very dry, juniper and spruce notes) and Dutch Genever (light and malty, rye driven, hints of spice). Of course, leave it to human innovation to find new and exciting ways to make spirits. In the… Read more »